Soxatones Premium Compression Foot Sleeves

#1 Choice in Quality for Plantar Fasciitis Relief • Dr. Recommended Therapeutic Compression – Medical Grade Relief • Advanced Anti-Fatigue Interlocked Technical Design • Maximum Breathability & Elasticity for Superior Comfort • Dynamic Moisture Wicking Fabric to Keep Feet Dry • Great For Everyday Use • Post Workout and for Recovery after an injury • Targeted Compression to key areas in the feet • Perfect travel companion – Grab one before you go!



Conquer Your Arch-Enemy™ with Soxatones! Soxatones provide premium therapeutic compression for optimal healing and Plantar Fasciitis relief. With targeted compression and innovative interlocking technology, Soxatones is the #1 choice for arch, heel and ankle support, stimulating blood flow for the ultimate in foot pressure relief. Enjoy unrestricted mobility with our moisture wicking fabric that is comfortable for daily wear while leaving feet dry and chafe free. The ultimate accessory to boost your recovery! Whether it’s post workout or due to an injury, you can get back to living life with no restrictions. Great for athletes! Boost your performance with reliable ankle and heel support that targets your vulnerable joints/muscles. Effective pain relief from muscular swelling, stress fracture, arthritis, sprains, muscle fatigue and other foot pain. Feel the difference instantly!

Soxatones are best for:
•Plantar Fasciitis Relief
•Arch, Ankle and Heel Support
•Post Surgery Recovery
•Post Workout Recovery
•Blood Circulation issues in the feet due to medical complications or age
•Office/Restaurant/Trade Workers • Doctors/Nurses • Runners/Dancers/Athletes • Cross Fit/Gym Enthusiasts

Proven relief of pain/swelling caused by the lack of arch/heel support and core ankle stability. Stimulates blood circulation for those affected by weak veins/pathways . Along with muscle rolling exercises, Soxatones help to improve muscle recovery time and reduce heal time for those with Plantar Fasciitis. Reduces foot fatigue by creating permeable and structural compression for sports and activities that require a lot of standing.Enjoy unrestricted mobility and improved quality of life! An important component for hospital facilities and wellness care programs.


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